Diversified Communications Launch A New B2B Hospitality Event

Jul 17, 2023

As the hospitality industry navigates through uncertain times, we at Fine Food Australia are putting our resources into developing tools to help us move towards a better and stronger future. To that end, we are proud to announce the launch of Hospitality Unites.

Running a hospitality business has always been a challenge, but the passion for delivering great food and experiences remains constant. With the pandemic behind us, the Sydney hospitality scene is facing new conditions that are pushing business owners in different ways. Inflation is causing prices to increase, impacting profits. Staff shortages continue to make it difficult to keep doors open, while the cost of living is making diners more cautious about spending.

Now, more than ever, finding innovative ways to deliver a great experience for your customers and increase profits is crucial.

In the face of these challenges we at Diversified Communications have thought about how we can better serve the food service industry and have added a new event to our roster of market-leading B2B shows, Hospitality Unites.  An event that is a conference and expo focused on profitability.

We understand that those in the hospitality industry are resilient, creative, and determined. With the right knowledge, insights, and partnerships, it’s possible to improve profits. At Hospitality Unites, we’re committed to serving the industry through education, networking, and a carefully curated selection of unique products that will equip you with the right tools and strategies to enhance your business and improve your bottom line.

Join us at Hospitality Unites 2024 and experience and novel conference and expo event for the Hospitality industry over two days at Carriageworks, Sydney.  The event aims to fill the education gap for basic business training as well as share insights on how to streamline and automate existing businesses looking to squeeze more margin out of
your daily operations.

For exhibitors, it is a unique chance to be part of a truly new style of event, where you will stand out from the crowd in a curated environment.  Exhibitors will get a unique chance to meet new customers and have in-depth conversations about their products and how they can be part of the industry’s success stories.

Hospitality Unites is the voice of the hospo, dedicated to sharing knowledge and strategies to help owners deliver more substantial profits.

To keep up to date with the hospitality industry and Hospitality Unites, subscribe here.

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