A Guide to Contactless Payments & Bookings

Jul 7, 2020

A brief guide to contactless payment and booking options for hospitality businesses

With restaurants opening up for dine-in service across Australia, measures are being taken to avoid physical contact with customers. This includes the implementation of contactless payment and booking systems which have been on the rise for some time, but are now critical in certain environments, in order to maintain safe working practices.

Here’s a list revealing some of the available contactless payment and booking options for hospitality venues.


An Australian company “with a worldwide presence” founded in 2014, Hike is a cloud-based, point of sales platform for retailers. Their point of sales, checkout, payments, inventory, eCommerce, store management, customer management, reporting, integration and hardware features can be found here.

Their pricing plans – which range from $59 to $159 per month for start-up, one store and multi-store packages respectively – can also be found here.


Headquartered in NSW, me&u is an app and beacon based contactless payment system that enables customers to view the menu, order, split bills and pay on their device inside the restaurant.

me&u’s other features – including pairing and recommendation, the ability for customers to choose from the restaurants’ wine list and a menu filter that can be customised based on the patron’s dietary requirements – can be found on their website.

According to a Sydney Morning Herald article from 2019, me&u accept a transaction fee of about 5% on orders.


Based in Melbourne and designed for the hospitality industry, Impos provides point of sales software for thousands of venues across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. According to their website, Impos is used by 23 of the top 100 restaurants, as well as “thousands of cafes, bars, clubs, schools and pubs.”

Their line of products includes Impos Plus and Impos Enterprise, and more information about their features and hardware can be found here and here respectively.

A free quote for their services can also be found here.


Founded in 2012, Kounta is a cloud based, point of sale software system that was purpose built for the hospitality industry.

They provide a variety of point of sale features specific to cafes, restaurants, bakeries, bars, breweries and other events that can be found on their website.

Their pricing plans, which range from $60 to $180 per month for their Sell, Manage and Extend packages, can be found here.


Partnering with Stripe in 2018, Orders2me “take[s] your restaurant’s paper menu & turn[s] it into [a] digital interactive ordering experience for your customers.”

Orders2me follows a process where customers can place their order and pay through their mobile device, while staff receive notifications about the status of their order so they can prepare for pick up or delivery. Funds take about one business day to be transferred to the business.

Their features and services can be found here and here respectively, while their pricing packages, which start from $89 per month, can be found here.

Retail Express

Operating in Australia and New Zealand, Retail Express is a cloud-based point of sale system and stock control software for retailers with over 5000 clients, and a variety of features that can be found on their website.

A tailored quote can be determined through an enquiry via their pricing page.

Square Reader

A tap and go reader that enables hospitality businesses to accept chip and contactless cards, and process point-of-sale payments. More details about their software and hardware systems can be found on their website.

The square reader costs $59, and charges a flat rate of 1.9% per tap or insert.


TASK is a cloud-based point of sale software system used by clients including Bakers Delight, Guzman Y Gomez, Muffin Break and Starbucks. They recently released Digital Dine In, which allows customers to order and pay for their meals during table service using a QR code.

Other services – including the splitting of bills, menu modifications and special instructions – can be found here.


Formerly known as Dimmi and owned by Trip Advisor, TheFork is a restaurant reservation website featuring 65,000 partner restaurants and 17 million verified diner reviews. Features, including confirmation emails and SMS’s to help prevent no-shows, and special offers which aim to increase off-peak bookings, can be found here.

TheFork’s pricing plans –which cost $25, $69 and $169 per month for Life, Pro and Pro+ packages respectively – can be found here.


Used by over 3,000 venues Australia wide, VECTRON provide “advanced point of sale and management solutions” specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

According to their ‘About Us’ page, their Point of Sales systems run “stock control, marketing, loyalty, reporting and everything in between.” They also offer “digital menu boards customized for the hospitality industry … a range of surveillance solutions [and] coaster, guest and staff pagers [to] “improve communication between patrons and staff at your venue.”

More details about their point of sales system can be found on their website.

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