COVID-safe Innovation in The COVID Era: Saving Time & Building Customer Confidence

Aug 24, 2020

We’ve all seen the protective screens, the stickers on the floor and of course – the Government regulations around operating a COVID-safe business. All of these initiatives play a vital role in stopping the spread and keeping the hospitality industry running.

While it is obviously critical to maintain these COVID-safe strategies, it’s no secret they are putting a strain on business owners, who have to get more done with fewer resources – and despite these measures, consumer confidence is still shaky when it comes to heading out. Studies show that around half of Australians aren’t yet comfortable heading out to pubs and clubs, and Victoria of course is back under lockdown restrictions. With additional staff needed to maintain standards as well as the elevated issue of staff sick leave, running a successful venue these days is a tough gig.

The mission is clear – the hospitality industry needs to inspire people to return, while getting more done with less. COVID-safe measures are here for the foreseeable future, so getting these processes right is vital for every hospitality venue to ensure smooth operations and prevent outbreaks.

But here’s the good news. There is a range of innovative products and solutions – some of which are free – that can help reduce your workload and provide a “selling point” to customers that your business is going above and beyond to provide a safe, healthy environment for both visitors and staff.


Customer check-in – myguestlist

If you’ve been out to the pub or a restaurant recently or when restrictions were lighter, there’s a good chance that you’ve logged your visit with myguestlist. This free solution allows visitors to scan a QR code (or alternatively, visit a URL or SMS their details) and log their visit, without having to fill out paper sheets and with no contact required. This data is securely stored (and deleted) according to Government requirements along with the date and time of the visit, and if the information is required for contact tracing, you can export the data at any time with a search/filter for any given date. No other gadgets required, and it only takes minutes to get started.

Details at


Airborne treatment system – OHAir

 While current procedures highlight surface treatment through cleaning and chemicals, airborne transmission remains unaddressed. With the World Health Organization recognising the dangers of airborne transmission, having a treatment system in place that addresses this issue can provide protection above and beyond Government guidelines – reducing the risk of an outbreak, and giving your venue a unique selling point for customers as well as protecting your staff.

OHAir is a unique solution which provides 24-hour protection against airborne as well as surface pathogens, without the use of chemicals and is completely human safe. Using FDA approved treatment technology, OHAir emits hydroxyls into indoor spaces, which quickly react with and destroy viruses and bacteria both in the air and on surfaces – and unlike other treatment solutions, can operate continuously in any occupied indoor space.

Details at or call Hunter Technologies on 1300 693 357.


Sanitising paper towels – Aeris

 It’s a common problem – not everyone that washes their hands will use soap and sanitise correctly. Actisan sanitising paper towels like the ones produced by Aeris can help address this issue in venue restrooms.  Providing an anti-bacterial paper hand towel to customers can help instill confidence in their safety, and acts as a secondary infection control to handwashing. is the towel water activated and removes 99.9% of bacteria and itsenvironmentally friendly and fully biodegradable!

Details at


Anti-microbial surface protection – Zoono

 High use areas like door handles, tables, hard surfaces, fabrics and more often prove the hardest areas to police and it’s likely unfeasible to have staff cleaning some of these areas after every single use. Microbial shields can be easy and cost-effective solution to maintain cleanliness in between regular cleans. Zoono has an anti-microbial shield which provides long-lasting surface protection using a unique “physical-kill” method. The shield bonds to the surface and creates an invisible protective layer that attracts pathogens and then bursts them like a balloon.

It’s also environmentally friendly and doesn’t use harmful chemicals or alcohol. Zoono also provides other products suitable for hospitality staff, like a dermalogically-tested hand sanitiser, which can be applied once in the morning and provides up to 24 hours protection.

Details at or call Hunter Technologies on 1300 693 357.


Contactless dining – Presto

 In any venue serving food and drinks, menus are a high-touch item that creates a frequent cleaning workload for staff. The constant cleaning of menus is a never-ending task and particularly during busy times, is a significant transmission risk. Presto allows your guests to view the complete menu, place orders, pay at the table, and much more— using their phone every step of the way, and without the need for any human contact. With over 100 million monthly active users, Presto is the largest provider of contactless dining technology across the world. It requires no changes to your POS system, it’s easy to setup and best of all – It’s free!

Details at

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