There’s a New Bird in Town: Hawk Store

Nov 12, 2020

Hawk Store has just launched in Victoria providing a unique, online marketplace designed to reduce loss and food wastage in the hospitality industry.

It is inevitable that at some point in the food supply chain, good quality food will end up in waste, often simply due to expiration dates or a lack of warehouse space. In Melbourne alone there are estimated to be over 4,000 restaurants, cafés and food providers. Suppliers simply can’t reach all of these businesses individually.

Here’s where Hawk Store steps in, a new online hospitality marketplace designed to reduce food loss and waste in the industry.

“Hawk Store came about due to my love of food, my commitment to sustainability and a desire to make affordable quality food available to everyone. I have seen firsthand the overheads required to run a hospitality business. Seeing quality produce going to waste all too often was a problem I wanted to solve”. says Natalie Sarau, Hawk Store’s founder.

Further inspired by the innovation and established channels successfully operating in Scandinavian countries, Natalie knew she was on the right path with her food loss and waste journey.

Hawk Store offers a digital platform that makes it easy for both parties to connect and eliminate food loss in the wholesale value chain. It’s turning a problem into a profit.

Launching in October 2020 Hawk Store’s platform is accessible to restaurants, cafes, caterers, mass food producers and even home chefs. Hawk Store’s hospitality marketplace is an all-in-one solution for everyone. One payment method, one ordering process, one digital platform. It’s simple, straightforward and convenient.

For sellers, there are no joining fees or ongoing costs. Simply list products online and the buyers come to you. Payment is made at the time of purchase, meaning sellers receive their funds within days, increasing ever-important cash flow and eliminating the need to chase outstanding payments. Sellers manage delivery of goods as part of their standard processes.

For buyers, no sign up is required, no credit applications and no ongoing commitment. They can use the platform as often as required; browse and buy quality foods at a discounted price, with access to multiple suppliers in one place.

“Hawk Store is for everyone – big hospitality groups to small mum and dad hospitality businesses. By not only providing a platform to reduce loss from a financial perspective Hawk Store helps both suppliers and producers increase or maintain their cash flow. It provides buying relief for hospitality businesses by giving them access to quality goods at prices that are kind on the hip pocket, something more relevant now that ever before”, says Natalie

There is no denying that the food service industry is continuing to evolve ‘We don’t want to impede the existing relationships between suppliers and their clients, we simply want to aid in the distribution of foods by adding another layer on an already important process in the hospitality industry”.

Currently the Hawk Store offering is available via the website but Natalie and her team are working on an app. Presently available in Melbourne, Victoria, the aim is to offer Hawk Store nationally once the app is released.

“Our goal is to eliminate as much food loss and wastage in the Australian hospitality industry as possible and ‘Make Food Matter”

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