22-23 Feb 2023
MCEC (Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre)


Keynotes, Panel discussions and Showcases curated for foodservice professionals across Australia. Thanks for joining us online whether it was one session or the whole event as we engaged in conversations about key industry topics.

21 June & 22 June 2021
10am - 5pm each day

Over 2 days, the HU Virtual Summit hosted industry experts from across Australia, featuring specially curated discussions for both the Victorian and National hospitality industry.  

We worked with pioneers and those on the frontline in hospo to build an agenda full of meaningful business conversations, to help you drive genuine outcomes back in your venue.

Hosted by Shaun De Vries of Principle of Hospitality (day one) and food journalist and broadcaster Wendy Hargreaves of Bread + Butter Media (day two), we had an amazing mix of keynote and panel sessions with movers and shakers from across Australia, discussing the latest in innovations and experiences that have come out of the pandemic and beyond. 

Rewatch the keynotes and panel sessions on demand here.



Monday 21 June

A short welcome to the Hospitality Unites Virtual Summit.

Then join this group of true industry pioneers for an 'In Conversation' style discussion - sharing stories and experiences from their own personal journey, and predictions for the future of our industry, with a focus on business outcomes.

We all know that hospitality technology can be confusing as there are a lot of platforms, but as different verticals are being built to support the industry, how do you navigate this change? Join our expert panel as they discuss.

Sizing up the Market: Current market trends and where to from here for hospitality...

Hospitality brands with a purposeful identity rose to the top in 2020/21, but as you scale your brand how do you make sure you do it in the right ways and capitalise on the opportunities as they present themselves? Join our panel of experts as they discuss:

A little about StreetSmart Australia and their mission against homelessness.

Innovation has been one of the great silver linings to come out of the challenges of the last 12-18 months - now we are starting to reset our businesses, what are the things we need to focus on in order to continue the ecosystem of positive innovation in our industry? Join our panel as they discuss.

  • We worked closely with the hospo industry to curate an agenda full of meaningful conversations...

Tuesday 22 June

A short welcome to the Hospitality Unites Virtual Summit.

Then join us for our 'State of the Nation' session as our industry leaders explore the state of the hospitality and foodservice market, analysing how we are forging a pathway that will enable Australia to manage the rebuild and recovery of our industry.

The role of technology in hospitality has drastically expanded in recent years, but what does this mean for you? What does innovation really look like in the hospitality sector and what benefits can that provide your business?

Join our panel of innovators and forward thinkers as we discuss the latest hospitality technology trends and the opportunities that can provide your business today.

Unox, the world’s largest commercial oven manufacturer, are set to present market leading technology that, combined with passion for innovation and fastest return on investment, guarantees their partners’ success. Find out about the EVEREO® in conjunction with MULTI.Day and the SPEED.Pro™ - their latest and most innovative models yet, allowing you to reduce costs, reduce waste control, advance preparation, increase kitchen efficiencies and most importantly increase your profits. With the quickest return on investment, there is a model to suit every kitchen’s needs.

The impact of food waste in hospitality is significant - from environmental, to economical, to social - so what solutions can your business adopt to drive change?

Our panel will put a spotlight on the practical ways the hospitality and foodservice industry can drive change in food sustainability.

With our cities and regional areas facing the need to restore confidence among visitors and local residents, the hospitality sector is at the forefront of breathing life back into these city centres and regional towns across the country. Hear from some of the country’s leading restaurateurs and industry experts as they share their insights about the highs and lows of finding their 'new normal' and the challenges and opportunities this has presented them in their journey.

More speakers to be announced very shortly...

With one-third of Aussies choosing to reduce their meat consumption, how can foodservice providers evolve their menu offerings to reach a growing contingent of Flexitarian consumers seeking delicious meat-free meals? Learn more about Australia’s emerging plant-based meat sector and why these diverse centre-of-plate proteins deserve a spot on your menu.

Finance, Risk and New Ways to Expand Sales.

Ken Burgin sits down with some of the leading cafe and restaurant industry entrepreneurs about their plans for growth and more importantly how they will fund it. In an uncertain world, there are still exciting opportunities.

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